Ross Gamlin. 25/6/2013 aged 79

 We have lost most probably the greatest knowledge source of this sport in Australia.

Rosco was a very experienced sailor in many facets of sailing starting when he learnt to walk on the deck of a boat with his father at the helm. His achievements were many, including winning the Model Yacht World Titles in England with a boat he built himself including all rigging & sails.

Rosco wasn't a good person to get on the wrong side of as he was known to take a stand on things he believed in & this was one of the things that made him the man he was & earned him the respect of his friends. Rosco was happy to impart his knowledge on those who were prepared to listen, he could talk for hours about sail shapes, rigging and land yacht designs, with quite a few benefiting from his knowledge over the years.

Rosco was involved deeply with the Adelaide Land Yacht Club; the now dismantled Australian Land Sailing Association and was a founding member of the Australian Land Yachting Federation, with the latter looking into a memorial trophy to commemorate Rosco's involvement in the Federation.

Rosco was one to never give up, he was always launching himself into projects. He was known to have asked certain people to tape an angle grinder to his hand and tape the  switch on so that he could still work on yachts, when asked how he was going to control this he would snap back at them & say "I can kick the plugs apart with my feet", there was no use arguing with him as he would have made it happen the way he wanted.

We would like to take this opportunity in wishing Judy and his family well, Rosco will always be with us in spirit.