Results  _2013 National Titles Lake Gillies SA 

Recent rains saw the surface of the Lake in beautiful condition but lite rain on Saturday had racing deffered until Sunday . The surface was still good with some patches of water kept the pilots on there toes . The wind was generally light consistantly around 10-12 kph with 15-18 at tomes .

Class Five was totaly dominated  by Andrew Broadbent and his NZ725 . he was a class above the rest lapping some class 5'sin just 3 laps!When you look at this yacht sail there is no doubt that the AUSclass 5's are a generation behind Andrew was far ahead and consistantly geting 75 kph in 10-12 knots of wind an amazing seven times wind speed and was doing so smoothly and easily . After racing Andrew generously let a number of pilots have a sailin his machine . Everyone was impressed and the tape measure was out !

 Give it 6 months and i think we will see a new generation of aussie 5's

 The minis were dominated by Wayne Forbes in his new 5.6 with an interesting rocker arm steering arangement . he to was lapping othe competitors in three laps .

 Top speed of the weekend went to Andrew recording 82kph . Pretty impressive considering the light winds.

Overall Results 

 Class Five 

   1. Andrew Broadbent                NZ 725

    2. Dave Webster                      Aus 43

   3. Zvika Aloni                             Aus 1

Mini 5.6

 1  Wayne Forbes                      Aus 9

 2 Dave Webster                       Aus 043

 3 Andrew Broadbent               NZ

Some pics  

The new class 5 Plug  27/12/2013 

 Kym Lapthorn's Sail for the weekend , As Kym has a health issue  at the moment he couldnt attend the weekend but he drove the fly in's up and let them use his yachts . All the Best Kym and thanks for all that you did .